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bullying. We see you over there on the internet, comparing all the girls who are killing it, Swift sings, at which point in the video we see a lineup of drag queens as the eight most successful pop stars. But Taylor Swift, by virtue of being Taylor Swift, is always trying to sell you something, and there are better ways to spend your videos gay francais vivastreet calvados queer-supporting dollars and attention than on her. Friday, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday 10:30 AM - 10 PM 10:30 AM - 7:30 PM 10:30 AM - 11 PM 10:30 AM - 7:30 PM, closed. This isnt so much about artists having to stay in their lane but about the fact that maybe there is a better way for Swift to support social causes instead of putting herself in the center of them. This isnt a coincidence; Swift is our most business-driven pop star. Ultimately, You Need to Calm Down is a lot like rainbow-branded Listerine for Pride Month or a feminist T-shirt: a well-intentioned item whose societal benefits are muddled by its status as a for-profit consumer good. It wasnt until Swift announced that she was endorsing two Tennessee Democrats in the 2018 midterm elections that neo-Nazis finally gave up on her. The wrong people are in charge of Pride if they think it should be a party, and maybe they should pass on their resources.

videos gay francais vivastreet calvados

Taylor Swift You Need

videos gay francais vivastreet calvados

People like the idea of that authentic protest but wont consider the reality of whats actually going on now. The music video, released Monday, takes place in a trailer park of pastel rainbows and, in typical Swift fashion, includes a lengthy lineup of celebrity cameos. Ultimately, Musgraves least radio-friendly single became her most commercially successful. About 9 Rue Georges Maertens, 59800 Lille, France.

videos gay francais vivastreet calvados

Sign up for The Goods newsletter. Since then, Swift has said that her future music will contain more political undertones. The brand-friendliness of Pride has created a disparity between what it is and what many activists videos gay francais vivastreet calvados think it should.

  1. Swift herself made a generous donation earlier this month to glaad, an advocacy group that focuses on lgbtq representation in media. Swift has not been as closely associated with gay fandom as her straight female pop star peers Carly Rae Jepsen or Kacey Musgraves, the latter of whom was the subject of a piece in the Phoenix New Times by Tanner. With the release of her latest single, You Need to Calm Down, which contains the lyric Why are you mad when you could. But when a major celebrity like Swift decides to take on social causes, she is also able to monetize them. If country radio and country fans were resistant to Musgravess 2013 song Follow Your Arrows queer encouragement, the general public wasnt, they write.
  2. For the better part of her career, Taylor Swift has faced vehement criticism that she hasn t done enough to speak out for political causes. She definitely does have fans who don t agree with gay marriage,. For her to speak out in support of, lGBT rights in her new music video.
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  4. Most thinking people didnt believe this to be true, but Swifts silence on issues that her fellow pop stars had no problem discussing didnt help to quell those rumors (and the Swift PR machine didnt address them, either). That Taylor Swift, who, despite long-held hope from a certain corner of the internet that Kaylor is real, has not yet come out as anything but straight is a somewhat complicating factor in her place in queer culture.
  5. For lgbtq youth or those living in parts of the world without visible queer communities, its easy to embrace Swifts video as a powerful example of allyship. Its hard to shake the feeling that this commercialized mass appeal has helped further dampen Pride Months fiery political roots, and helped obfuscate the less pleasant, less talked-about issues that matter for many people in the lgbtq community, writes. Toy Store Internet Cafe, price Range, open Now 10:30 AM -. These are questions that relate to the value of allyship in general what purpose does it serve, exactly, for a pop star who has built a career on breathlessly romanticizing straight relationships to take on the mantle of gay rights? Lorenzo Marquez, of the fashion blog Tom Lorenzo, tweeted that the video made him cry, acknowledging that he didnt have that type of support growing.
videos gay francais vivastreet calvados


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videos gay francais vivastreet calvados

But these are dangerous critiques against a star with not only powerful friends but a legion of rabid fans on social media ready to pounce at any whisper of negativity. Anyone whos lgbt and isnt a cis white gay man still has plenty to protest. Queer writers have tackled the commodification of Pride for years; many believe the event, which exists as a remembrance of the Stonewall Riots of 1969, has become less about protests than about parties. Open Now 10:30 AM - 10 PM, wednesday, thursday. She hasnt announced that proceeds from You Need to Calm Down will plan cul bethune plan viol gay benefit any particular cause, but.

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videos gay francais vivastreet calvados Theres a weird nostalgia for the early days of Pride and Stonewall, British lgbtq activist Shon Faye tells the site Them. This, however, is the connection between Swift and marginalized people that she chooses to exploit in her latest song, which bewilderingly also extends the themes of love and feminism to the ending of her beef with Katy. Lines like this in Swifts music doesnt make her appear sympathetic; instead, they undermine the message she wants to send.
Videos gay francais vivastreet calvados As Christina Cauterucci writes in Slate, Straight people will interpret the song as supportive and affirming, but for many queer people celebrating Pride Month, it feels hopelessly, insultingly out of place. Many of the brands most willing to adopt queer aesthetics for Pride Month have the worst track record with actual queer people, for instance, was quick to give itself rainbow branding yet continues to allow anti-lgbtq harassment. HobbY MaX is on Facebook. And right now, during Pride Month in the year 2019, is a very good time to make money by aligning oneself with queer causes.
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